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Joe Morris

It’s literally just copying the messages and sending them to her and waiting for the reply kkkkk. Brother, you are so fucking nice, I am glad that you have appeared to me.

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Mario Mort

What I liked the most about these messages is that you can use them today… I just sent them to her in her phone and i can already see the difference.

Like l Reply . 5 min

Jake Oliver

Messages to send as a reply to stories are too good! I’ve always been nervous and never knew how to bring up the topic by responding to a instagram story. My problems are over. Thanks again James!!

Like l Reply . 9 min

Adam Marcus

I used your ready-made messages and the texting is very good, it’s crazy. I’m looking forward to sending this in the morning lol.

Like l Reply . 14 min

George Smith

What good and practical content… These are common messages but I’ve never imagined that I could bring up the subject to women and make them so wet.

Like l Reply . 19 min

Jack Robert

This texting method works super good. I took the ready-made messages provided by the program and sent them to a friend I talk to for a long time and her manner has totally changed… we’re talking about her favorite positions in sex lol.. I can’t believe it.

Like · Reply · 25 min

Louis Jonson

I’ve always been really bad at mentioning things and the chat never really moved on… it was just “Hi, how are you?”. But now I’m sure I’ll never go through that again hahaha it’s impossible for the subject to die having all these ready messages to send her.

Like · Reply · 27 min

Jacob Davies

wow, i’ve always had problem to talk to girls… I’m amazed at how easy it looks now  with this program…

Like · Reply · 34 min

Giovanni Ontario

Bro I liked a girl but she just ignored me… I sent the first message the program made available and guess what… she replied back right away lol. That was the best spent money of my life. I would buy again 100 times

Like · Reply · 37 min

Justin Allen

The Right Messages method is helping me a lot when I go to talk to a woman on the Internet.

Like · Reply · 52 min

Bruno Floy

This is very nice and simple… I have no more problems talking to girls.

Like · Reply · 1 h

Michael Clarke

I had hot conversations with the woman who friendzoned me for months… Thanks a lot James

Like · Reply · 1 h

Chris Thompson

This helps me a lot, especially because i’m in a long distance relationship.

Like · Reply · 1 h

Jon Dean

I am very happy to be part of this group… Thank you, you changed my life.

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