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Tayler Guedi

Very good! I’m glad this video appeared on my facebook… It changed my love life.

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Mario Mort

I needed to get my ex girlfriend back and it worked, our relationship is even better than it was before.

Like l Reply . 4 min

Jake Oliver

You were a salvation in my life with the girls… Thank you very much James, what you teach is very valuable.

Like l Reply . 7 min

Adam Marcus

My head is exploding… How I wish I had found this out sooner… I’ll have to tell my friends this.

Like l Reply . 10 min

George Smith

Guys, Amazing how it works so well… I ran into a girl today and guess what, she was super open with me and said she liked me.

Like l Reply . 11 min

Kyler Jones

My God, I watched the video until the end out of curiosity and decided to do the test with the girl I’m interested in… and guess what? It worked very well. I’m going on a date tomorrow for the first time with her. Thank you very much.

Like l Reply . 17 min

Noah Taylor

The same thing happened to me… This video changed my life

Like l Reply · 7 min

Thomas William

You guys made me even more curious… I’ll have to make the test too.

Like l Reply · 5 min

Jack Robert

I am speechless, I never imagined that something like this could exist… Thank you James, you gave me hope with women again…

Like l Reply · 23 min

Jacob Davies

This technique deserves an award… My love life is different now… I can get every girl i want. I’m very grateful for this.

Like l Reply · 29 min

Giovanni Ontario

I had never heard of this technique… But it must be good… Does anyone know if it works for phone messages?

Like l Reply · 37 min

Joe Morris

Does anyone here know if it works? I want to join this group and learn more, but I’m afraid it won’t work.

Like l Reply · 46 min

Chris Jones

I also wanted to know…

Like l Reply · 23 min

Max Olie

Hey bro, I’m learning a lot with these… before I was a virgin and I didn’t get along with any woman. In just a week following the advices of this video, and i was able to talk very well with a girl and I am going to have my first date with her. So… I think if I can do it, you can too hahaha

Like l Reply · 23 min

Jose Tapia

Man, that changed my life. You can trust. Girls will get crazy for you.

Like l Reply · 23 min

Ethan Robinson

It’s so worth it… Trust me, if you let this opportunity pass you will regret it all your life.

Like l Reply · 23 min

Mason Wallace

It was one of the best things that happened to me, you can try it without fear.

Like l Reply · 9 min 

Justin Allen

I was very interested in a girl, but I had no idea how to talk to her… I was always scared to reach out to talk to women because I never knew what to do or say… I used the “phrase strategy” you taught me and it worked like magic . Now she’s crazy about me… She doesn’t stop texting me.

Like l Reply · 52 min

Bruno Floy

Hahahaha I thought this wouldn’t work but decided to give it a try just to ease my conscience and to my surprise it worked really well.

Like l Reply · 1 h

Kyler Monta

@penny_martin It was this video that I told you about… thanks to it, Patrícia and I are back

Like l Reply · 1 h

Jon Dean

I only have one thing to say to men who want to change their lives… You can trust these words without fear, they work a lot. I already went out with 3 women.

Like l Reply · 1 h

Mike Sommer

Excited!! I’m going to guarantee my place after seeing so many testimonials of men speaking well… I can’t stay out haha

Like l Reply · 2 h

Richard Warsen

Thank you, you gave me my sex life back…

Like l Reply · 2 h

Mayern Thins

This video is gold… if all men knew this, they would never suffer for girls again…

Like l Reply · 2 h

Noah Franklin

The best thing I did in my life was to watch this video until the end… I have a date this weekend!

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